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  • Lynette Butlion, South Africa


Last year a dear friend from Switzerland arranged for Jacky to contact me concerning a reading of my three french poodles. I was extremely impressed with the results. From seeing just a photograph she was able to accurately assess the personality of each dog and give me information and feedback concerning questions that I had and information the dogs were sending to me. I was totally amazed that through the dogs she was also able to contact my late mother with whom I had a very close relationship. I had previously sensed the presence of my mother near the dogs, but had dismissed it as being in my imagination. Jacky was able to confirm that it was indeed my mother coming through.

I would like to thank Jacky for her patience and time spent with me, specially her willingness to call me in South Africa.

Best wishes Lynette Butlion, Oscar, Emily and Cilla

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